Shine The Spotlight – Nadine Pugh

Shine the Spotlight is a Brand New Series where we interview with a Beatz Instructor who we feel truly represents the ethos of Beatz!

Today we welcome Nadine Pugh, a Beatz Instructor from South Wales, to share her story with us!

Hello Nadine – Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed!

We are going to ask you a few questions so people can get to know you a bit better!

What Beatz Format Do You Teach?


Where are you based?

South Wales

What do you love about teaching Beatz?

How many words have I got??

I love everything about Beatz, it has changed my life! I have gone from suffering badly with anxiety to feeling on top of the world.

It has given me confidence, it’s given me a light, and it’s given me a family! My fitness has gone from strength to strength and my mental health has improved no end.

I’m not the girl who is worried about what other people think of me anymore, I’m the girl who aims to empower everyone around me!

Beatz has changed everything… Now it’s my turn to deliver that to my amazing clients!

The next step in my Beatz journey is PWR Beatz… I’m not stopping until I reach the sky! I’m almost there! 

Have you got an experience involving Beatz that you would like to share?

From the training until now it’s one massive experience.

The most memorable… After having some of my womb cut away due to precancerous cells, I took part in the Beatz live in Birmingham.

Surrounded by amazing instructors, participants, the best Pro Team in the universe and MY Team.

Mel, Beatz Boss recognised my achievements, she called me up to the front, said how proud of me she was and that I am spreading the love of Beatz to the whole of Wales.

My girls and Gary were choked up, and I had to fight back my tears. For the CEO to actually watch, listen and see you grow and recognise that… It just goes to show what Beatz is about.

I have always sat in the shadows doing my own thing, but this brought me into the sunlight.

This I will never forget.

Why should Instructors teach Beatz?

Beatz is a whole new concept, it’s fresh, it’s totally inclusive, it has so many genres that there is something for everyone.

Nobody goes uncatered for. Being Suitable for ages 13 plus it is great for younger girls to exercise with their parents, aunties sisters etc. It’s a family affair.

It’s adaptable, suits any fitness level and you always leave the class feeling a huge sense of achievement, by delivering these amazing classes you are changing the lives of people in the community.

You gain friendships, you inspire people and you learn so much about yourself and the people around you.

The Pro Team are literally always on the other end of the phone with advice, the choreography list is endless and you will never run out of new tracks to deliver.

It’s more of a family than a group… Everyone cares.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think I’ve pretty much said how much my heart is filled with Beatz… cut me down the middle and I’ll have the words running through my veins. It’s a life changer.

I’ve grown so much as a person, and I can’t thank Mel, Steve and the pro team enough for bringing this idea to life. The world would be dull without Beatz!

It glows in every community and it will always be a huge part of my life. Beatz is my second baby, and I will continue to spread it through south Wales until everyone knows its name.

My heart is full of happiness because of this brand!

What a fantastic interview! We are very proud of Nadine and all she has achieved with Beatz!

Where to Find Nadine

Facebook Page: Fitness Wales

Class Timetable (correct at the time of this interview)

Monday: 7.30pm

Llanharry Community Centre

Tyla Coch Road


CF72 9LH

Tuesday 6.30pm

Evanstown Community Centre Gilfach

Abercerdin Road

Gilfach Goch

CF39 8RP

Wednesday 6.45pm (starting 5th Feb)

Garth Olwg Community School

Ysgol Gyfun Garth Olwg

St Illtyds Road

Church Village

Cf38 1DX

Thursday 7.30pm

Bryncae Community Centre Llanharan

Powell Drive


CF72 9UU