Beatz® Fitness is a fun and simple, all-inclusive group fitness class led by certified Beatz® instructors.

From Little Mix to Oliver Heldens, via Bruno Mars, Blur, 80’s, Disco and some Old School Rave, Beatz Fitness breaks barriers between Music genres, while keeping the energy up throughout!!

Simple, fun, all-inclusive Group Exercise for everyone!!

Beatz® Fitness comprises a number of formats, to create a full package of multi-format group exercise programmes under the Beatz® brand, which will be released over time, including;

  • Beatz – The original Beatz Fitness format. Suitable for everyone, Beatz is choreographed to popular and underground dance music, including a wide range of music styles such as house music, garage, R&B, Mainstream dance music, and more.
  • GLOW-Beatz – Glowsticks, Disco Lights, Fitness & Fun.
  • PWR-Beatz – HIIT/Functional Workouts.
  • Mini-Beatz – Childrens group exercise program to popular music.

Beatz Fitness is proud to be endorsed by EMD UK, the National Governing Body for Group Exercise.