PWR Beatz

Multi-genre, all-inclusive, dance-fitness workouts to choreographed routines!

PWR Beatz

PWR Beatz
The HIIT / Functional Fitness workout - no equipment required!!
PWR Beatz is broken down into 3 sections and ensures a total body workout like no other!

PWR Beatz

GLOW Beatz
An exercise class that uses Glow Sticks, Club Lighting and Banging Tunes in a darkened environment.
Its Fitness AND Fun!!

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Beatz® Fitness is a fun and simple, all-inclusive group fitness class led by certified Beatz® instructors.

Simple, fun, all-inclusive Group Exercise for everyone!!

Beatz® Fitness comprises a number of formats, including;

  • Beatz – The original Beatz Fitness format, multi-genre dance fitness workouts to choreographed routines. Suitable for everyone, Beatz is choreographed across a wide range of music genres, meaning there really is something for all tastes.
  • GLOW-Beatz – An exercise class that utilises Glowsticks, Disco Lights, and uplifting dance music in a darkened environment. It’s  Fitness AND Fun.
  • PWR-Beatz – The HIIT and Functional Fitness Workouts with no equipment required. PWR Beatz is broken down into 3 sections… Burn, Blast & Boost.. ensuring a total body workout like no other!

Beatz Fitness is proud to be endorsed by EMD UK, the National Governing Body for Group Exercise.

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