If you’re thinking of training to teach Beatz Fitness classes, below are some of the benefits to brining these classes to your area;

Low Training Cost

Our instructor training costs only £119 for your full days training.

Low Licence Fee

Our monthly licence is only £12pm

The licence fee WILL NOT increase if you add more of our formats as they’re released. E.G. you will be able to teach Fit-Beatz, Mini-Beatz (our childrens program), and PWR-Beatz, and any others for a total of £12pm.

Unmixed Music

Change your playlist as often as you want, don’t pay for the same song more than once, swap out just one or two songs if you want.

No Restriction on Music Supplier

If it can be bought online, it can be used in Beatz, which is great for future anthems and surprise just-released hits. If a song hits the charts and becomes popular very quickly, we can have the choreo produced and online within a couple of weeks, meaning you can maximise on the popularity.

Over 20 new songs choreographed every 6 weeks

We have an in-house production team and a group of choreographers, meaning we deploy quality (HD) instructor content in an extremely short timeframe.

Continuous Professional Development

We’re partnered with Fit4Training, offering modules that you can add-on to your Beatz training.

No Equipment

Get trained. Get licensed. Get Music. Get going!!!

Regular Touchpoints and a Community Vibe

We host regular events, which also offer instructor support sessions. We encourage the building of a community, which our current instructor base will confirm.

Marketing Investment

We invest regularly in multi-channel marketing, as well as slots at industry events.

Active Support from HQ

Through our private instructor page, messenger, email, and phone, we listen to our instructors and support them in building their classes.

Decades of Experience within the Company

The experience of the team behind Beatz is evident upon reading uor pages on the ‘TEAM‘ page.

High-End Instructor Portal

With a single login, you have access to all of your choreography, music, playlists, pro-store, profile, class posting, and more


If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us – HERE

Alternatively, if you want to go ahead and become a Beatz Fitness Instructor – BOOK NOW

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