Beatz Training – Reading – Sunday 10th May 2020



  • Sunday 10th May 2020


  • 08:30am to 4:30pm


  • Simply Gym
    The Meadway Shopping Centre
    Honey End Lane
    RG30 4AA

Beatz Fitness is a multi-genre dance fitness workout to choreographed routines.




How to structure a class effectively, including warm up and cool down. How to plan your class and playlist to maximise energy. How to adapt the choreography to teach GLOW Beatz classes.

How to effectively cue and interact with your class participants, how to break down moves and transfer learning.

How to market your class through multiple channels and methods to build numbers, and how to increase engagement and retention for long term continual growth.


It’s a multi-genre class, so you can personalise the music styles for YOU, to reflect what YOUR classes want and like the most.

We allow a 70:30 choreography breakdown, which means you can amend up to 30% and personalise YOUR own classes.

GLOW Beatz is included for FREE. Once you train in Beatz, you have two different classes that can be launched.

Best in class support and infrastructure. Don;t train and then just get left with minimal content and marketing assets. We offer a wealth of content through the instructor portal, with hundreds of videos immediately available, as well as a huge amount of templates and support collateral.