Beatz FAQ

Are there any pre-requisites, and do I need a fitness qualification?

No. It is advisable, and we do collect this information at the time of booking, but our course is structured to accommodate this.

We’ve also partnered with Fit4Training to offer additional formal fitness qualifications and ‘add-ons’ as part of your continuous professional development.

How much does the training cost?


How long is the training course?

One day, from 9am to 5pm

Is there a test or assessment during the training?

Yes, in addition to numerous interactive sessions during the day.

Is there a monthly licence fee?

Yes, £12 per month, which won’t increase if you decide to also teach any of the additional formats we release. Please visit the Member Benefits page for a full list of what the licence fee includes.

How Do I Become a Beatz® PRO Member?

Only instructors that have attended and passed one of our training courses can become a member.

What Are The Benefits to Becoming a Beatz® PRO Member?

Please see the Member Benefits page

How do I Access the Instructor Portal?

Go to and log in using the details provided following your training.

How do I contact Beatz® Customer Service?

You can contact us using the contact form or call 0330-223-0171

Do I have to be a Beatz® member to access my dashboard?


What is My Dashboard?

Your Dashboard contains information about you. You can update/view your profile, access your choreography videos, music playlists, instructor store, access members only content and continuous learning, marketing materials, and more

I do not have a credit card. Are there other ways to pay for instructor training or Beatz® membership?

Yes. You can pay your fees through PayPal or a direct bank transfer. Just contact us for information.

How do I get my Beatz® Instructor Certificate?

Your certificate will be issued after you have successfully passed the instructor training workshop.

Where do I find the Beatz® Manual?

The Beatz® Manual can be downloaded from your Dashboard.

What are the insurance requirements to teach Beatz®?

Your studio or gym will determine the insurance requirements needed.