Beatz FAQ

Are there any pre-requisites, and do I need a fitness qualification?

Not for Beatz, although it is advisable, but Level 2 is required for PWR-Beatz.

We’ve also partnered with Fit4Training to offer additional formal fitness qualifications and ‘add-ons’ as part of your continuous professional development.

How much does the training cost?


How long is the training course?

One day, from 9am to 5pm

Is there a test or assessment during the training?

Yes, in addition to numerous interactive sessions during the day.

Is there a monthly licence fee?

Yes, £12 per month for one programme or £15 for all 3. Please visit the Member Benefits page for a full list of what the licence fee includes.

How Do I Become a Beatz® PRO Member?

Only instructors that have attended and passed one of our training courses can become a member.

What Are The Benefits to Becoming a Beatz® PRO Member?

Please see the Member Benefits page

How do I Access the Instructor Portal?

Log in using the details provided following your training.

How do I contact Beatz® Customer Service?

You can contact us using the contact form or call 0330-223-0171

Do I have to be a Beatz® member to access my dashboard?


What is My Dashboard?

Your Dashboard contains information about you. You can update/view your profile, access your choreography videos, music playlists, instructor store, access members only content and continuous learning, marketing materials, and more

I do not have a credit card. Are there other ways to pay for instructor training or Beatz® membership?

Yes. You can pay your fees through PayPal or a direct bank transfer. Just contact us for information.

How do I get my Beatz® Instructor Certificate?

Your certificate will be issued after you have successfully passed the instructor training workshop.

Where do I find the Beatz® Manual?

The Beatz® Manual can be downloaded from your Dashboard.

What are the insurance requirements to teach Beatz®?

Your studio or gym will determine the insurance requirements needed.